We have both male and female tattoo artists, who have their own experience and knowledge throughout the tattoo industry. Taking pride in our work and customer satisfaction is a top priority. We are a multi-cultural studio and therefore have a vast understanding and passion in worldwide art.


We have 4 resident artists, but are joined by many guest artists throughout the year. Including Stigma (@stigmaone) from Los Angeles every summer. These are promoted on our social media sites so keep an eye out!

We don't keep a full gallery on our website, but you can see examples from the artists below.

To keep up to date with all our designs and latest tattoos, please follow us.


Artists at Blind Faith Tattoo Collective


  • Lenny Instagram

Lenny is an award winning artist and has been tattooing for over 20 years, he covers all aspects of tattooing but specialises in black & grey realism and Japanese art. Having worked in different cities, his experience is vast and knowledge is broad.



  • Shannon Instagram

Shannon is a second generation tattoo artist and has been around tattoo studios her whole life. She loves her family trade. Shannon has 6 years experience and specialises in fine line, dot work/geometric and black & grey, but also loves to tattoo in an Neo traditional style and anything colour. Shannon enjoys any design, small or large scale! 


  • Luke Instagram

Luke has been tattooing for approximately 10 years. He specialises in bold traditional style tattoos, with the history and culture interesting him the most. Luke also really enjoys doing black and grey realism and can cater for any style. Luke is very chilled and is more than happy to tattoo whatever style is requested. 



  • Scott Instagram

Scott has always had a big passion for art and enjoys being as creative as much as possible across many different mediums. He loves to tattoo in a neo traditional style, but also loves script and old school traditional artwork. Scott likes to work with colour, but is always down for black & grey!